Forging Rings & Parts

Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd offers both part quality and cost-efficiency-especially for applications that require maximum part strength, special sizes or critical performance specifications using the optimum process of forging.

At Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd. components are produced in the world class machine shop having excellent quality systems in place with certifications like ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 under rolled ring forging method.

As forged rings manufacturer Goodrich Gasket carries out the production of seamless forged rings by a process called ring rolling on rolling mills. These mills vary in size to produce rings with outside diameters of just a few inches to over 300" and in weights from a single pound up to over 300,000 pounds.

Forging Rings & Parts

The process starts with a circular preform of metal that has been previously upset and pierced (using the open die forging process) to form a hollow "donut". This donut is heated above the recrystallization temperature and placed over the idler or mandrel roll. These idler roll then moves under pressure toward a drive roll that continuously rotates to reduce the wall thickness, thereby increasing the diameters (I.D. and O.D.) of the resulting ring.

A forged, profiled seamless rolled ring offers unsurpassed structural integrity and the forging's directional grain flow increases the overall strength and with the absence of welding part; integrity, corrosion resistance and shape are maintained.

At Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd seamless rings can be produced in configurations ranging from flat, washer-like parts to tall, cylindrical shapes, with heights ranging from less than an inch to more than 9 feet. Wall thickness to height ratios of rings typically range from 1:16 up to 16:1, although greater proportions can be achieved with special processing.

The simplest and most commonly used shape is a rectangular cross-section ring, but shaped tooling can be used to produce seamless rolled rings in complex, custom shapes with contours on the inside and/or outside diameters as per requirements.

Goodrich Gasket can offer various types of Precision Machined Components / Parts and forged rings in variety of materials like Carbon Steel of all grades, Stainless Steel of all grades, Copper alloys, Nickel alloys, Inconel, Monel, Titanium and all super specialty alloys.

Forging Rings & Parts
Forging Rings & Parts


Emergency & Shut down Services

Goodrich Gasket has a complete set up of machineries and skilled man power to provide 24*7 emergency supplies of gaskets.
We maintain exclusive tie up with DHL, FEDEX, BLUEDART, FIRST FLIGHT and XPS etc to cover all the major towns and cities across the globe.

Technical Support and On-Site Advice

Our vast experience in manufacturing, extensive research and new product development is targeted to deliver new materials and products that meet tomorrow's fluid sealing requirements before they arise. They also play a vital role in solving sealing problems for specific customers.
On-site advice is provided by highly skilled technical team. Goodrich Gasket possesses the specialized knowledge, practical experience and technical facilities to solve any relevant fluid sealing problem for our customers.
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