Hammer Union

Manufactured from forged steel are hammer unions, ranging in sizes from 1” to 12” with a range of working pressure up to 15000psi offering complete traceability. Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Hammer Union manufacturers.

Goodrich Gasket offers a wide range of standard and sour gas hammer unions. Each union whether standard or sour gas is carefully inspected to assure long, dependable service even under extreme conditions.

The various types of hammer unions offered by Goodrich Gasket are as follows: 50, 100, 101, 200, 201, 206, 207, 211, 300, 400, 602 hammer union models, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1502 hammer union models and 2002, 2202, 6666 hammer union models with either threaded ends or butt weld ends.

Hammer Union

These hammer unions serve either the standard or sour gas types with replaceable lip type rubber seal in some models or replaceable o-rings on male sub providing primary sealing in some models making it of use in air, water, oil, mud, gas service, high pressure manifold and drilling rig where alignment of piping components is a problem.

Other products that Goodrich Gasket Pvt. Ltd. offers with hammer unions are:

  • Hose Nipple Unions from 1″ to 4″ for all pressure ratings.
  • Blind Male and Female Subs with NPT ports with or without Stainless Steel chain for all sizes ranging from 1″ to 10″ for all pressure ratings.
  • O-Rings & Seal Rings for hammer unions in nitrile for standard service & viton rings for H2 S service. O-Rings for hammer seal unions are also available in stock at our plant in Chennai.
  • Retainer Rings and Retainer Segments, used for assembly of a wing nut with a male end of hammer union. These are manufactured in all sizes of hammer unions.
  • Hammer seal unions that are designed to quickly connect mud tanks with flanged connections have nitrile o-ring providing a compressive non leak seal that limits the line fluid pressure to 150psi. Tank Unions accepted up to 7° of pipe misalignment.
Hammer Union Joint

Hammer Union Joint

Swivel Joint

Swivel Joint


Emergency & Shut down Services

Goodrich Gasket has a complete set up of machineries and skilled man power to provide 24*7 emergency supplies of gaskets.
We maintain exclusive tie up with DHL, FEDEX, BLUEDART, FIRST FLIGHT and XPS etc to cover all the major towns and cities across the globe.

Technical Support and On-Site Advice

Our vast experience in manufacturing, extensive research and new product development is targeted to deliver new materials and products that meet tomorrow's fluid sealing requirements before they arise. They also play a vital role in solving sealing problems for specific customers.
On-site advice is provided by highly skilled technical team. Goodrich Gasket possesses the specialized knowledge, practical experience and technical facilities to solve any relevant fluid sealing problem for our customers.
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