Transforming Industries with Sustainable Gaskets

Goodrich Gasket is a well-renowned manufacturer and distributor of superior industrial sealing gaskets in Canada. We are the proud maker of diverse sealing gaskets with a focus on oil & gas, food processing, manufacturing, refining, steel, mining, power plants, marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.
Established in 1987, we are a team of proficient engineers with hi-tech machinery to deliver risk-free and empower seamless industrial operations. Leading the industry, we are the first to adopt the latest technology to meet the ever changing demands of the international markets.
GGPL is determined to satisfy the end to end needs of the customers across 50+ countries. Our sealing gaskets are designed following the multinational standards, and quality tested materials, to maximize the capabilities of the gasket application.
GGPL dedicatedly aims to provide our customers with all required assistance, to every step they take in regards to gaskets. We are continuously developing next-generation gaskets and products ensuring a sustainable performance customized to unmatched gasket solutions.