Metal Jacketed Gasket

A gasket with a metallic outer shell and either a metallic or non-metallic compressed fiber filler is Metal Jacketed Gasket where the filler material offers resilience and metal jacket protects the filler and resists pressure, temperature and corrosion.

Metal jacketed gaskets manufactured at Goodrich Gasket are used as heat exchanger gaskets and also in pumps, valves etc despite of their limited recovery and resilience property. Gasket sealing is effective under high bolt loads, smooth flange surface finish and flange flatness.

Metal Jacketed Gasket

The gasket materials used for its construction are:

Metallic category includes Soft iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper etc. Non-Metallic category includes compressed fiber millboard, PTFE, Tanged insert graphite, Ceramic etc.

The types of metal jacketed gaskets Goodrich Gasket offers are:

Single Jacketed Gaskets, Filler material enclosed in a metal jacket, covering the inside & outside diameter of gasket

Type Construction Use Suitability
Type 120 One contact surface covered Narrow flange widths in circular & non-circular configurations
Type 124 Overlapped single jacketed type with filler enclosed on inside & outside diameter & on contact surfaces Boiler, pumps, compressors, diesel & gasoline engines High temperature gasket usage & narrow gasket width [6.4mm (min)] & nominal thickness 3.2mm

Double Jacketed Gaskets, Filler material enclosed by a two piece metal jacket covering both inside & outside diameters & both contact surfaces. Gasket width as narrow as 8mm can be made. Nominal thickness 3.2mm. With either integral/welded pass partition bars with ample bolting.

Type Construction Use Suitability
Type 123 Both contact surface covered Heat exchanger gaskets, boiler gasket, High pressure/high temperature gasket usage up to class 900
Type 126 Metal jacket made of corrugated jacket as corrugation forms multi-seals across flange sealing face Better resilience than Type 123 -
Type 127 Double shell gasket with two reversed wrap-round shells Ease of handle,resistance to pressure -

French Type Gaskets, Filler material enclosed in metal jacket covering inside diameter of gasket & sealing face on both sides.

Type Construction Use Suitability
Type 130, 131, 132 Gasket width [6.4mm(min)] & nominal gasket thickness[3.2mm] Vacuum seals, valve bonnet seals of low pressures Small & large dia. in narrow & wide flange widths in circular & non-circular configurations

Solid Corrugated Metal Gaskets, Absence of non metallic filler with corrugations providing multi-seals across face of the gasket. Minimum 3 corrugations and gasket thickness as that of corrugation pitch which can be 3.2mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm.

Type Construction Use Suitability
Type 100, 102, 129. Also made in soft conformable facings such as graphite, PTFE etc Type 100 - Up to 500psi only. Type 102, 129 – Up to 1000psi. High temperature gasket applications and applications using steam, water, gas, oil etc