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A gasket is a compressible material, or a combination of materials, which acts as a sealing device when clamped between two stationary members prevents the passage of the media in any form.

The gasket material selected acts as a sealing material and must be capable of sealing the mating surfaces. This in turn prevents any leakage from taking place and can withstand high pressure/temperature.

How Does It Work?

A seal is affected by the action of force upon the gasket surface. This force which compresses the gasket causes it to flow into the flange macro and micro imperfections. The combination of contact stress, generated by the applied force between the gasket and the flange, and the densification of the gasket material, prevents the escape of the confined fluid from the assembly.

Flange Imperfections

On seating, the gasket must be capable of overcoming the macro and micro imperfections. Macro defects are imperfections such as flange distortions, non-parallelism, scoring, troughs, while superficial imperfections such as minor scratches and minor scores are considered micro imperfections.

Forces on the Gasket

So as to guarantee the upkeep of the seal for the duration of the future of the assembly, adequate stress must stay on the gasket surface to prevent spillage. The residual bolt load on the gasket ought to consistently be greater than the hydro static end force acting against it.

Considerations for Gasket Selections

Numerous factors ought to be considered while choosing a gasket to guarantee its appropriateness for the intended application. Gasket properties and also flange design and application are a component of the selection procedure.

Gasket Selection

Gaskets can be characterized into three classifications: soft cut, semi-metallic and metallic type.

The physical properties and execution of a gasket will change widely, depending upon the kind of gasket chosen and the materials from which it is manufactured. Physical properties are essential elements while considering gasket structure and the primary choice of a gasket type depends on the following:

Temperature of the media to be contained

Pressure of the media to be contained

Corrosive nature of the application

Criticality of the application


Sheet materials are used in low to medium pressure services. With careful selection these gaskets are not only suitable for general service but also for extreme chemical services and temperatures.

Types: Non-Asbestos & Asbestos Fiber Sheets, PTFE, Graphite, Rubber, Insulating Gaskets.


These are composite gaskets comprising of both metallic and non-metallic materials. These gaskets are suitable for low and high pressure and temperature applications. An extensive variety of materials is accessible. The metal gives the strength and the flexibility of the gasket and the non-metallic segment gives the conformable sealing material.

Types: Spiral Wound Gaskets, Kammprofile Gaskets (covered serrated metal core), Metal Jacketed Gaskets, Metal reinforced gaskets


These gaskets can be created in an assortment of shapes and sizes suggested for use in high pressure/temperature applications. With the exception of weld ring gaskets, high loads are required to seat metallic gaskets, as they depend on the misshaping or coining of the material into the flange surfaces.

Types: Ring Type Joints, Lens Rings, Weld Rings, Solid Metal Gaskets.


Emergency & Shut down Services

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Our vast experience in manufacturing, extensive research and new product development is targeted to deliver new materials and products that meet tomorrow's fluid sealing requirements before they arise. They also play a vital role in solving sealing problems for specific customers.
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