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    High quality. Resistance. Reliability

    We are the world's best Manufacturer and Supplier of
    industrial sealing gaskets in Malaysia

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    Safe. Sustainable. Good-quality

    GGPL is the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of
    Industrial Sealing Gaskets in the USA

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    Safe. Sustainable. Good-quality

    GGPL is the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of
    Industrial Sealing Gaskets in the USA

Excellence at Making of High Tensile Gaskets

Goodrich Gasket Private Limited was founded in 1987. We are the world-class premier manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gaskets. GGPL has 30+ years of experience in producing quality certified gaskets in the USA. Our seal and precision machined components are available in all sizes and materials serving global entities in industries such as oil & gas, marine, manufacturing, power generation, and transportation industries in the USA.
Our factories are fully equipped with versatile capabilities for mass-scale production to fulfill instant needs across industrial operations. Our specialty gaskets and other technical parts include special tap end studs, double end studs, continuous thread studs to nuts.
  • 3000 Customers Globally
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015
  • 50 Countries Worldwide

"The Leading Manufacturer for Industrial Gaskets"

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Our Features


We are in a continuous process of development and innovation. Our solutions are improved based on experiences across the world.


We have an optimistic team with a friendly and open culture of communication that our customers can rely on.


Our products are manufactured with modern technologies according to the international standards to suit your custom needs.

Quality Accreditation

We always put our customers first. Goodrich Gaskets are manufactured according to the clearly defined quality guidelines that perfectly align with regulations of the industry. All the materials we use goes through multiple quality checks to ensure our customers get the highest standard of quality out of the refined certification process.

ISO 14001-2015 ISO 9001-2015 ISO 45001-2018
Certificate of Authority to use the official API Monogram License Number


Our range of unique services customized to your needs

GGPL offers superior quality gaskets that ensures performance, and reliability. We have a wide ranges of sealing gaskets made from professionally tested materials. Regardless the type, the gaskets are customized to specifically suit the customer specifications and area of application to accelerate the performance through usage of the right materials.

Our Clients

We believe success is driven by the innovative edge and suitability. Goodrich Gaskets is proud to deliver the same to our valuable clientele.

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