Manufacturing Gaskets to Enhance Sustainable Operations

Goodrich Gasket Private Limited was established in 1987. We are the world's leading manufacturer and purveyor of high-quality gaskets. GGPL has 30+ years of competence in delivering quality certified gaskets in Angola.
Our precision machined products are available in all sizes and materials to serve international enterprises including oil & gas, marine, manufacturing, power generation, and transportation industries, etc.
Our facilities are fully equipped with diverse capabilities for mass-scale production to accommodate instant necessities across industrial operations. GGPL's gaskets and products can be customized for varied range of plating and coating subject to the design requirements.
Goodrich Gasket is ISO 9001:2015 registered company. We hold an extensive inventory of raw material and gaskets following the international standards to satisfy the needs of our customers and the industrial specifications. As our customer is our core strength, we are determined to offering them exceptionally reliable gaskets and technical services.