Here’s your final stop to buy high-quality Gaskets in Brazil

Goodrich gaskets were founded in 1987 with a unified goal of creating the bets gaskets in the world. It’s safe to say that we are one of the most famous gasket manufacturers in Brazil as of this moment.
We are happy to say that we have served 3000+ customers located all over the globe. Most of our customers are from the raw industries like Petrochemical, Energy sector, automotive, infrastructure and marine.
Our gaskets have been used in all these industries and have safely studio the test of time. All thanks to our innovative Research and Development team, who take immense pride in creating the best gaskets in brazil.
We have equipped all our factories with the best equipment in the industry, to make sure that we are the best gasket developers in the world. Backed with a solid R&D team, we can help you create custom Gaskets that fit your needs to the tee.