Delivering Gaskets of the Finest Quality and Resistance

Goodrich Gasket Private Limited is a customer-focused company to specialize in innovative sealing gaskets. We strive to deliver tailor-made sealing products that meet the demands of environmental and safety standards.
GGPL was founded in 1987 to make precision machine products for industries for the multinational markets. Our specialty gaskets are designed to reward improved performance and sustainability. We hold diverse clients across oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, refining, steel, mining power plants, marine, and automotive industries.
Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern machinery and technology to produce top-quality sealing gaskets. With our experts and skilled production team, we are persistent in validating that all our gaskets reach our customers at the highest quality standards. We stick to stringent quality policy is well maintained, and objectives are achieved to satisfy the environmental demands and safety standards.
Goodrich Gasket is ISO 9001:2015 Registered company. We offer exclusive service to assist our valuable customers at every stage of gasket usage. We aim to empower them to have better operations and yield sustainable benefits through our sealing products.