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    Best Gaskets. Certified products. 3000+ Global customers

    3000+ customers choose Goodrich Gaskets all over the world

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    Best Gaskets. Certified products. 3000+ Global customers

    3000+ customers choose Goodrich Gaskets all over the world

Here’s your final stop to buy high-quality Gaskets in Brazil

Goodrich gaskets were founded in 1987 with a unified goal of creating the bets gaskets in the world. It’s safe to say that we are one of the most famous gasket manufacturers in Brazil as of this moment.
We are happy to say that we have served 3000+ customers located all over the globe. Most of our customers are from the raw industries like Petrochemical, Energy sector, automotive, infrastructure and marine.
Our gaskets have been used in all these industries and have safely studio the test of time. All thanks to our innovative Research and Development team, who take immense pride in creating the best gaskets in brazil.
  • 3000 Customers Globally
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015
  • 50 Countries Worldwide

"The Leading Manufacturer for Industrial Gaskets"

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Our Features


Our Goal is to create flawless gaskets that stand the test of time and other natural elements.


All our gaskets are researched under various environmental condition so that they can stay durable in all types of conditions in brazil.


We make sure that you always get the perfect gaskets for your need; even if it means adding a bit of customization.

Quality Certification

Our attention to detail and our industrial processes has allowed us to create some of the best gaskets in the market. We make sure that all our gaskets use the best raw material to stand against the test of time and natural elements

ISO 14001-2015 ISO 9001-2015 ISO 45001-2018
Certificate of Authority to use the official API Monogram License Number


Our range of unique solutions customized to your needs

Goodrich Gaskets offers an extensive range of industrial sealing gaskets made from exclusive materials. Our products are of the latest designs and integrity, ensuring reliability and safe operation. All our gaskets can be customized according to the client’s specifications and materials for appropriate use.

Our range of industrial-grade Gaskets in Brazil

At Goodrich Gaskets we believe in two things. Number one is the process of innovation and number two is the attainment of perfection. So our team always strives to make sure that the gaskets we deliver in Brazil are just flawless.

Our Clients

Our success is built upon heaps of satisfied clients who always vouch for our brand and our quality products. Take a look at our satisfied clients who love what we do.

We take pride in our products and our happy customers. Feel free to take a look at our best customers who always choose our gaskets in the industry

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