Flange Insulating Gasket

Flange insulating gasket kits or insulation kits offered by Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd comprises of:

  • Phenolic laminate/neoprene faced Phenolic laminate gasket [Type E & F only] between the flange sealing faces.
  • Phenolic laminate bolt sleeves.
  • Two insulating washers per bolt.
  • Two plated mild steel washers per bolt. [Stainless steel washers available upon request]

Use of dissimilar metallic flanges with a conductive gasket material assisted by a suitable electrolyte sets up a galvanic cell, corroding the anodic metal. It is here that the flange insulating kit gasket or insulation kit comes into use protecting pipeline flange corrosion. These insulation kits are also used to electrically isolate flange joints, preventing flow of electrostatic charges along the pipeline.

Flange Insulating Gasket Kit

The various types of flange insulating gasket kits or insulation kits that Goodrich Gasket offers are:

A self adhesive tape wrapped around the outside diameter of the flange provides complete electrical insulation and prevention of ingress of foreign matter. Phenolic material used in these insulation kits by Goodrich Gasket offer excellent insulation and corrosion resistance.

Type E & F offered by Goodrich Gasket requires the bore of the gasket and the pipe to be equal to prevent any foreign matter from accumulating in the annular space between bore of the gasket and bore of the pipe, thus preventing bridging.

Some properties of Phenolic gaskets are,

Property Value
Maximum axial compressive stress 45700psi [315MPa]
Axial electric strength in oil @ 1900F 58kV/in [23kV/cm]
Maximum operating temperature 2500F
Minimum operating temperature -760F
Full Face Insulation Kit

Full Face Insulation Kit

Full Face with Half O - Ring Gasket

Full Face with Half O - Ring Gasket

RTJ Oval Type Insulation Gasket Kit

RTJ Oval Type Insulation Gasket Kit

Raised Face with half O ring Type

Raised Face with half O ring Type

For detailed information regarding the Insulating Gasket Kit Materials, Insulating Gasket Kit Specifications visit www.insulatinggasketkit.com


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