Non Metallic Flat Gaskets

At Goodrich Gasket, we manufacture Non-metallic flat gaskets from arimid fiber, glass fiber, elastomer, Teflon (PTFE), graphite etc. according to ASME B16.21 which covers types, sizes, materials, dimensions, dimensional tolerances, and markings for non-metallic flat gaskets.

At Goodrich Gasket the following information shall be included in markings: manufacturer’s name or trade mark or material designation. Gaskets shall be packaged with NPS, class, gasket manufacturer’s name, material designation, thickness and ASME B16.21 marked or tagged on the package or the gasket. At the option of the manufacturer the DN designation may be included.

Non Metallic Flat Gaskets

NPS followed by a dimensionless number is the designation for nominal pipe size as described in ASME B36.10M and is related to the reference nominal diameter DN used in international standards. Class followed by a dimensionless number is the designation for common flange pressure-temperature ratings as given by the referenced flange standards.

At Goodrich Gasket, non metallic flat gaskets are made of resilient or pliable materials and metal or non metal composites are incorporated as reinforcement or filler material. The material selected shall be compatible with the fluid and suitable for the pressure-temperature conditions of the service.

Selection of a flat gasket material and gasket thickness suitable for given service application is the responsibility of the user subject to the requirements of any applicable code or government regulation and also by considering the properties of the flat gasket material as well as the intended service application.

The various tolerances that are followed in Goodrich Gasket are as follows:

NPS 12 & smaller ±1.5 mm (±0.06 in.) +0.0, −1.5 mm (+0.0, −0.06 in.)
NPS 14 & larger ±3.0 mm (±0.12 in.) +0.0, −3.0 mm (+0.0, −0.12 in.)
Bolt circle ±1.5 mm (±0.06 in.) -
Center to center of adj. holes ±1.0 mm (±0.03 in.) -


Gasket –Shutdown Unit to Emergency & Shut Down Services

Goodrich Gasket has a complete set up of machineries and skilled man power to provide 24*7 emergency supplies of gaskets.
We maintain exclusive tie up with DHL, FEDEX, BLUEDART, FIRST FLIGHT and XPS etc to cover all the major towns and cities across the globe.

Emergency Supply to Technical Support & On-Site Advice

Our vast experience in manufacturing, extensive research and new product development is targeted to deliver new materials and products that meet tomorrow's fluid sealing requirements before they arise. They also play a vital role in solving sealing problems for specific customers.
On-site advice is provided by highly skilled technical team. Goodrich Gasket possesses the specialized knowledge, practical experience and technical facilities to solve any relevant fluid sealing problem for our customers.
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